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Open World Survival Crafting Game


Crafting Game with Infinite Possibilities

Work on the land to make money, build factories for your ideal automation, go into dungeons to strike it rich, survive a day by fishing... Or, explore the world on the hoverboard, catch some tasty animals, breed them, and cook them in the factory. You might abandon the plan to escape from the planet because your pets are too adorable and too friendly... These are part of the things you can do in this game.

Craftopia is the brand new crafting game we made by combining excellent features of various existing crafting games. We mixed our favorite contents: farming, automation, breeding pets, dungeon exploration, and building, based on hack and slash and survival, to develop this exciting game with so much excitement and infinite possibilities.


20+ Crops to Farm

Of course, you can grow crops one by one, but there's more you can do. With the power of agricultural machines, you can have large scale fields. While enjoying your self-sufficient life, why not mass-producing highly valuable harvests to become rich?

Industrialization and Automation

You can automate every single item gathering. Tired of cutting woods and mining stones? Let's automate!
...Tired of automation of simple activities? Then let's start using belt-conveyers to build huge factories.


30+ Species of Fish

In Craftopia, you can enjoy fishing too. Taste some fresh fish, and craft a shield from turtle shells! Once you get used to fishing on the coastline, it's time to build a ship to sail! Let's catch a whale!

Monsters, Gotta Catch 'em All!

By throwing Monster Prism at creatures, you can catch them as a pet. Not only animals like cows and deer, but most of the monsters are also tamable.



Adventure Full of Surprise

When the detector starts beeping, it's the sign that you're getting close to a dangerous dungeon. Back to the town to equip yourself, then enter the dungeon in the hope of finding treasures. The dungeon changes its shape every time you enter. At the end of the dungeon, you will encounter bosses to fight.

100+ Skills to Learn

You can create your own character. Some are good at crafting, some are skilled at broad swords, some might do better in automation. Your job will vary throughout the adventure, depending on your play styles!


Various Vehicles

Hoverboards, motorbikes, helicopters, automobiles, biplanes, tanks, air balloons, and machinery... Gather materials to craft what you want to ride! You can share a ride with your friends to explore the world together!

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