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Creating groundbreaking innovations in the gaming industry

Pocketpair is an small group of creators who love making games. We are recruiting members who want to create entirely new games that cannot be created elsewhere.


A top
indie game company
in Japan

Pocketpair is a leading indie game development company in Japan, attracting attention from game companies worldwide. We have repeatedly achieved top rank in global sales on Steam. While maintaining a thorough customer-centric approach, we value our developers and create games that are well-received in the global market. Adopting a development structure in line with the times, we deliver unique games worldwide.



overseas sales


  • Members from major game companies and well-known developers

  • A global company with over 70% overseas sales ratio

  • Development focused on original titles



A free environment that produces interesting games

The Pocketpair team loves games that break existing norms and rules. To create games that do not adhere to existing norms and values, we believe that a free environment is essential. At Pocketpair, we strive to keep work rules to a minimum to ensure freedom. For example, we adopt a super-flexible system so that you don't have to worry about attendance times or working hours.



Creating disruptive innovation with unique ideas

In the game industry, there are conventions. For example... 'Do not deviate from the axis of play,' 'Elements should be narrowed down,' 'Bugs must be fixed.' At Pocketpair, while understanding the background of these conventions, we flexibly ignore them in line with the times. Games that have paved the way in recent years, such as Minecraft and Fortnite, have always been entirely new games that do not adhere to these conventions.

_P1011261 - コピー.JPG


The era of making games while suffering is over

At Pocketpair, we value not only users but also developers who make games very much. Overtime is basically nonexistent. Attendance hours are also flexible. With a focus on in-house development, we have a relaxed development process. We also have comprehensive welfare benefits, creating an environment where game development can be done comfortably and with a relaxed mindset. Instead of competing with other companies in terms of quality, we are pioneering a unique path with unique ideas.

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