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Guidelines for Derivative Works


Updated January 18, 2024

Pocketpair, Inc. ("Pocketpair", "we" or "our company") has established guidelines for Derivative Works of our products.
Please refer to the "Guidelines for Gameplay Streaming and Video Content" for information on streaming gameplay and creating video content.


  • Guidelines for Derivative Works

    • All secondary creation activities, such as illustrations, doujinshi(fanzine), manga(comic), novels, etc., are allowed without prior notice, as long as it does not include prohibited activities.

  • Prohibited Activities

    • Using our products or derivative works of our products for highly commercial, profit-oriented purposes, regardless of whether direct monetary compensation is received.

    • Expressions intended for or perceived as attacks and defamation against individuals, specific groups, or companies

    • Promotion of specific beliefs, political or religious messages

    • Expressions against public order and morals

    • Expressions infringing upon the rights of third parties

    • Expressions that could be mistakenly recognized as our company's official products

    • Other activities arising unexpectedly that are deemed inappropriate

  • Disclaimer

    • These guidelines are intended to support smooth activities of Derivative Works of our products, and do not provide any guarantees. Our company shall not be responsible in any way, and cannot assume any liability. The individual who conducts the activities is responsible for any consequential events occurring as a result of those activities.

    • We may request deletion or suspension of content if we determine activities have violated these guidelines.

    • These guidelines are subject to change without prior notice.

    • Please note that we are unable to respond to individual inquiries regarding these guidelines.

For inquiries, please contact [info[at]].

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